KamiCare 24/7 Fall Detection + Emergency Response for Seniors - Referral

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Limited Time Special: First 2 months of Fall Monitoring FREE! (Subscription Required after the initial period. $25/month after first 2 free months for 1 camera plan, $50/month for multi-camera plan)..

Style: 1 Sensor + 2 months free service

1 Sensor + 2 months free service
2 Sensors + 2 Months free service
4 Sensors + 2 Months free service
Key Features

Introducing the KamiCare Fall Detection System - Empowering Seniors to Live Safely in Their Own Home.

Designed specifically for seniors, this advanced technology notifies their family members immediately to ensure timely assistance is on its way in the event of a fall.

  • 24/7 Continuous Monitoring: No need to wear a device or worry about charging batteries. Our system works seamlessly in the background, keeping a vigilant eye on your loved ones's safety at all times.
  • Instant Real-time Alerts: Receive instant notifications on your phone the moment a fall occurs, allowing you to take immediate action and provide timely help.
  • 99% Detection Accuracy: Trusted by assisted living facilities nationwide, our state-of-the-art AI technology boasts an impressive 99% accuracy in detecting falls. Rest easy, knowing your loved one is in reliable hands.
  • Guaranteed Privacy: With encrypted fall videos, only approved family members and caregivers can access them, ensuring your senior's privacy is always protected.
  • Prevent Future Falls: Gain valuable insights by reviewing the fall video footage. Analyze the cause of the fall and take steps to prevent it from happening again.
  • Live 2-way communication: Talk to your senior from the Kami app and make sure they are doing fine.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you ensure privacy for seniors?

Yes, on several levels. First, the sensors are not constantly streaming video to an off-site location. Only you can authorize access for any other person. Second, all the video processing happens on the device itself and not on the cloud. This safeguards privacy. 

Where will the sensor(s) be located?

The Fall Detect sensor(s) are typically installed in a bedroom, living room or hallway, where a senior is likely to fall. If there are stairs in your house, we recommend installing a sensor with a view on the stairs. The sensor should be mounted on a wall or ceiling. You should choose a location close to an electric outlet. You should not place your sensor on top of furniture like shelves, armoires, or tables.

Do the sensors work at night?

Yes. The Fall Detect sensor(s) use(s) infrared technology to detect night falls, providing 24/7 fall monitoring.

Can KamiCare reduce the risk of future falls?

Yes. KamiCare provides caregivers crucial information about the time, location and activity related to a fall. This helps your loved one’s caregivers better understand the root cause of the fall and prevent future incidents.

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