What features does Kami Pro Security come with?

Check Camera Compatibility
Unlimited Number of Cameras
Arm and Disarm Alarms
Receive Alarms and Dispatch Help
Only Real Threats Are Detected
24/7 Pro Monitoring, Video Verification, and Emergency Dispatch

Where should I place my Kami Pro Security cameras?

You should place your cameras in view of doors and windows, where burglars are most likely to enter your home. Make sure the cameras don’t point directly at a window with no curtains or shades, as they can detect humans outside of your house. If you have a two-story home, the cameras should primarily be located on the ground-level. Also, pick a location close to an electric outlet.

How many cameras do I need in my house?

This depends on the size of your house and the number of windows and doors on your ground floor. We recommend setting up Pro Security cameras in view on entryways and in rooms easily accessible from the outside through windows.

Are the Pro Security cameras easy to install?

Yes. You can easily position the cameras on bookshelves, or on top of furniture around the house, as long as they are close to electric outlets.

Do the cameras work outdoors?

No. The cameras are not designed to work outdoors.

Do these cameras work at night?

Yes. The cameras use infrared technology to detect humans, even in low light conditions like the nighttime.

Will it be possible to see the video history?

Yes. All the alarm incident videos are stored on the Kami Cloud for up to 6 months.

Can different people be set up to receive alarm notifications?

Yes. You can share App access with your most important people, like family members, roommates, and partners. Invitees are able to arm and disarm your security system, view all your videos, receive alerts when an alarm is set off, and manage all alarm settings.