Kami Pro Security

Smart home security camera

Auto-detects home intruders and gets fast 911 help


The Kami Difference

Cutting-edge safety tech for homes, condos and apartments.

Only Uses Camera + Phone

Camera detects intruder then gets 911 help fast

No panels, No sensors, No contracts
Plug in & simple app set up
2K sharp video quality

Save 40% Today

State-of-the-Art Security

Works With Alexa and Google Assistant!

Easy 1-2-3 Setup

Kami Protects 6,000,000 People Worldwide

Kami was born from Silicon Valley innovation, headquartered in San Jose, California. We provide cutting-edge home security and family safety solutions to more than 6,000,000 people worldwide. We believe that the power of video technology can improve the overall quality of life for everyone.

Let Us Help You Protect More Than Just Your Home

Apartments & Condos

Small Businesses

Single Family Homes


Phenomenal for the price!

Let me tell you I'm super impressed with the picture quality of these cameras. Set up is quick and easy. When I purchased them I had no idea they had audio as well. The audio quality is incredible, plus it's a two way speaker!


These little guys do the job!

I have purchased dozens of security cams over the years and FINALLY, someone got it right! These little guys do the job and for the money it's a no-brainer. Bottom line: I HIGHLY recommend this product.

Jack M

This product is great!

Very good frame, you can choose HD quality and has a great night vision. Charging cord is long enough to set up camera high and get the biggest frame possible. I recommend this because it’s a great camera and works perfectly for my home!


Easiest Wi-Fi cam to set up!

I have five so far. I have also recommended them to three of my friends and can now install them “with my eyes closed”! YI also makes an outdoor Wifi cam. I have two and recommended them to others!


Best bang for the buck in 2k

Bast bang for the buck 2k video cam w/o the requirement of a cloud service - just pick up a micro SD pack and you’re set. Remote viewing from WiFi has been a breeze with the latest cams.

T. Christianson