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YI Smart Baby Monitor - Secure, Encrypted HD Video from Anywhere, with Sound & Motion Notifications.


View your baby from anywhere — The YI Baby Monitor is the smart Wi-Fi baby monitor that streams secure, HD video of your baby in reliable clarity from anywhere directly to your phone or tablet. Free yourself from the restrictions of a hand-held monitor and check on your baby anytime.

Everything You Need To See — Transform your phone into a smart baby monitor and stream HD night vision with a wide-angle view, 4X pinch-to-zoom and room temperature sensor for complete visibility into your baby’s crib and room.

Know when you’re needed — Sleep better at night, YI Baby Monitor home camera only delivers relevant alerts, every time. Turn on ‘Activity Alerts’ on your App, AI-powered human motion detection sensitivity can be adjusted to reduce false alerts caused by bugs or small animals, which allows you to only focus on your baby.

Safe & secure — Store all your precious memories using the Kami Cloud service, keeping them safe and available even unfortunate events occur. Kami's encrypted cloud service uses a financial grade encryption standard, to ensure the highest protection of data.


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🚚 Arrives in 3-7 days


Hear and see their first moments

Place it near your baby’s crib and the YI Home 1080P baby monitor will send a notification to your smartphone when sound (including crying) is detected.

It also alerts you when any other abnormal sounds are detected nearby, such as your smoke detector beeping, a loud barking from your pet, or a window breaking.

Clear vision, day & night

Using advanced AI and imaging technology see your loved ones in 1080P, super sharp resolution even in low lighting conditions, including the darkest nights.

Industry leading AI Detection

Enriched with our Edge Computing and AI Chipset, the YI Home 1080P smart camera can capture your kids or pets and keep them in the wide-lens field of view as they continue to move.

Integrated with YI Home App, you will receive an instant notification whenever a human, motion, or abnormal sounds is detected.


Two-way baby monitor

Keep in touch with your loved ones with the built-in microphone and high-powered speaker.

With advanced two-way audio, you can communicate with your family, anytime from anywhere. You may select the intercom mode or hands-free mode depending on your needs.


Additional Benefits

Precious memories captured and saved with Kami Cloud

Protecting your family is important for us, with our Cloud service you can protect your data recordings with the same level of security and privacy that protects millions of businesses around the world. It surpasses the highest US and European data privacy requirements.

Kami Shield cloud service stores all your footage on the cloud--keeping it safe and available even if unfortunate events occur.

Simple, Practical, Powerful

Simply open the YI Home App to access your YI Home 1080P’s live feed or previously stored recordings. Installation is a breeze with the voice prompt and in-app guide to help set up your YI Home 1080P Baby & Pet monitor camera.

Easily share live video with family members

Access your live feeds with the free YI Home App through smartphone / PC available for iOS and Android. In one account, you may share the live feeds with up to 5 family members. Unlock multiple view live feeds on a single account with Kami Shield subscription, up to 9 live feeds option on PC is available. The whole family can watch your baby, play, and grow as long as they have the correct PIN code.

Show it on Alexa

You can ask your YI Home 1080P to pull up a live video feed of the nursery room, or any room on your Echo Show.


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Can YI Home Camera be used outdoors?
The YI Home Camera is suitable for temperatures between -10℃~51℃. You can use YI Home Camera outdoors in the right weather conditions and with proper protection. However, please don’t put the camera in wet weather (rain or snow) since the camera is not waterproof.

How do I obtain full coverage of a room?
Typically, a home camera is placed in the corner of a room where it can optimize the view angle. We recommend having at least two cameras to fully cover a large space, such as a living room. To completely monitor your home, users can add cameras in every room for a full home monitoring system.

I'm on a 5GHz network. Can I still use the camera?
The YI Home camera is only compatible on a 2.4GHz band network. 5GHz networks are not supported.
All routers have a 2.4GHz band network available and most routers are dual-band, meaning they have both a 2.4GHz and 5Ghz band network. Many routers have both bands available simultaneously, meaning you can see two network names for your router. Check your Wi-Fi settings to see if you have 2 networks available. The 5GHz network name will typically end in a 5, while the 2.4GHz network might end in 2 but it may not be indicated in the name.
If you need additional help, contact your internet service provider for assistance on connecting to your 2.4GHz band network.

How many YI Home Cameras can connect to one account?
We recommend having no more than 12 cameras connected to single Wi-Fi network to ensure the best connection.
Each camera requires sufficient bandwidth to stay connected and will occupy approximately 0.5Mbps upload bandwidth.
Each camera under your account can be paired to the same or a different network.
Each camera can be paired to only 1 account at a time.

Dimensions & Weight Colors Materials Video Resolution Operating Temperature

Dimentions: 5.1 x 2.6 x 2.8 inches
Weight: 8.9 ounces
Model number: Y20GA


Polycarbonate (PC)

1920 x 1080@20fps

-10°C ~ 50°C